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Expanded Sheet Metal


Expanded sheet metal is a type of sheet metal which has been slit and stretched to form a regular pattern usually a diamond shape. Expanded Sheet Metal is stronger and equivalent weight of wire mesh. Benefit to use expanded metal is that the metal is never completely cut and reconnected, allowing the material to retain its strength.

Expanded Metal can be used in walkway, industrial filters,

Application :

This product is everlasting, widely used in architectural decoration, filters, basket, air filtration unit, medicines, machine guards, animal cages, protecting of electrical equipment window, crane walk way, safety doors, room dividers, decorative ceiling, highway fencing, civil works, fan covers/ guard, food frying, building plaster trims.

Expanded Metal Benefits :

Expanded metal has a wide range of products and designs, which makes it so versatile and likable for many uses and applications. It is manufactured from single piece of metal sheet. It can be welded as per requirement, can be deep drawn and can be folded also. In terms of sheer visual impact, expanded metal cladding are hard to beat.

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Expanded Metal Terminology :

• SWD: Short way of Diamond
• LWD: Long Way of Diamond
• BOND: Where two strand intersect.
• Strand Width (Dent): Length of the metal used to produce one strand.
• Strand Thickness: Guage thickness.
• LWM (width): Mesh sheet size, the distance of LWD direction.
• SWM (length): Mesh sheet size, the distance of SWD direction.