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Welded wire mesh
Welded wire mesh



Our commitment to quality, innovation, and value is the foundation that provides welded mesh material of the highest industry standards in strength and flatness. Metfab’s state of the art grid welding equipment provides a wide variety of wire alloy, spacing and diameter configurations, trimmed or untrimmed. We offer a wide range of standard products for industrial use. Our product variety, manufacturing flexibility, precision, and dedicated customer service is unmatched.


As welded wire mesh is a tailor made item, we provide welded wire mesh in Rolls, sheet forms & in panel size as per customer requirements. There is a different combinations of Opening, Wire Diameter along with Width & Length that is limitless for the end user to decide.


  • Roll
  • Panel
  • Sheet


We manufacture all of our products to a strict set of internal standards that guarantees everything we produce is the highest possible quality and consistency. Throughout each production run, panels are checked for dimension, square/rectangular, and strength to ensure that every panel meets our standards and is exactly the same as the one before it.

Quality isn’t just measured in tests and that’s why we also put an emphasis on efficiency. We understand that “time is money”, and we want to make sure we’re giving all of our customers the best possible value. Over the years we’ve developed proprietary efficiencies, and we’re always improving our equipment and training staff to make sure you are receiving quality and value from every angle of your order.

Raw Material

MetfabImpex maintains the largest selection of raw materials to support your needs. Our selected inventory of wire comes from vendors that always meet our high standards of quality and consistency. Every production run records and uses materials that are inspected and certified prior to manufacturing. Wire mill certificates of compliance are always available upon request, free of charge. Below you’ll find a list of our current available raw materials.

  • Stainless Steel 304, 316L, 410, 202
  • Pre-Galvanized Steel
  • Post- Galvanized Steel (On Request)
  • Mild Steel
  • Agriculture
  • Cages
  • Fencing
  • Food Industry (Barbecue)
  • Panels
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Bird screen
  • Doors
  • Racks
  • 25mm X 25mm – 14G/12G/10G
  • 40mm X 40mm – 14G/12G/10G
  • 50mm x 25mm -14G/12G/10G
  • 50mm x 50mm 14G/12G/10G/8G
  • 60mm x 60mm – 14G/12G/10G/8G
  • 75mm x 25mm – 14G/12G/10G/8G
  • 75mm x 50mm – 14G/12G/10G/8G
  • 75mm x 75mm – 14G/12G/10G/8G/6mm
  • 100mm x 50mm – 14G/12G/10G/8G/5mm/6mm
  • 100mm X 75mm – 14G/12G/10G/8G/5mm/6mm
  • 100mm x 100mm – 14G/12G/10G/8G/5mm/6mm